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A Case Study for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Guide: How to Assess Iodine Deficiency

A Case Study for Menopause Awareness

Glycine – A Small Molecule with a Big Impact on Sleep

The Secret to Successfully Marketing Your Practice

Five Common Sources of Mercury Exposure

New Study Links Testosterone & Desire For Luxury Goods

5 Tips to Getting Started with ZRT Testing

ZRT’s Favorite Healthy Eating Summer Recipes

The Connection Between GABA & Sleep Disturbances

Cadmium’s Connection to Infertility and Reproduction

Neurotransmitters, Mood & the Perception of Stress - Part 3

Heavy Metals, Nutrients & Mental Health

Neurotransmitters, Mood & the Perception of Stress - Part 2

The Role of Estrogen & the Microbiome in Preserving Bone Health

Mitochondria & Mental Health

Recognizing Our Staff during Laboratory Professionals Week

When to Choose Menstrual Cycle Mapping vs Fertility Testing

Thyroid Balance – Your Key To Brain & Body Harmony

Neurotransmitters, Mood & the Perception of Stress

Lithium - Medication or Micro-Nutrient?

Is Sweating a Good Bet for Heavy Metal Detox?

Collection Timing Matters for Urine Testing

Norway, for the win!

Heart Healthy Holiday Recipes for Your Valentine

The Impact of Hormones on Serotonin in Depression

Menstrual Cycle Mapping – Your Questions Answered

PTSD and the Resilient Brain: A Symphony of Neurotransmitters and Hormones

Protecting Children from Lead Dust Exposure. Time for Change.

5 Spices to Warm Your Soul During Winter

Vitamin D: What Level is Normal vs Optimal? 

Looking Back: Popular Articles for Providers in 2017

Looking Back: Popular Articles for Patients in 2017

Evidence Shows Placentophagy (Placenta Encapsulation) Works

Hormones, the Menstrual Cycle & Cycle Maps

Mood and Menopause – Going Through "The Change"

Healthy & Hearty Holiday Feasting

Keeping Your Child Safe From Toxic Baby Food

Shorter Days: A SAD Pattern

Cortisol Patterns For Graveyard (Shift) Workers

Toxic Baby Food: A Look Beyond the Labels

Monoamine Metabolites – An Essential Factor In Understanding Neurotransmitters

Clinical Pearls - Getting the Most Out of Your Neurotransmitter Test

Estrogen: The Link Between Microbiome, Menopause & Metabolic Health

Research Updates – Trials of HRT Started in Early Menopause

Nutritional Lithium: Orchestrating Our Genes & Optimizing Our Moods

Lithium's Billion Year Journey: A Cinderella Story for Brain Health

Avoiding 3 Common Interpretation Pitfalls for Salivary Cortisol Tests

Brussels Sprouts & Healthy Estrogen Metabolism

Mental Health & Hormonal Imbalance in Game of Thrones

Pheochromocytoma - A Rare Condition Exposed by Neurotransmitter Testing

Re-assessing the Notion of "Pregnenolone Steal"

Examining the "Warrior Gene" - MAOA & Aggression

Finally Focused: Mineral Imbalances & ADHD (Part 2: Magnesium Deficiency)

L-Theanine in Green Tea Stimulates Neurotransmitter Production & Reduces Anxiety

Finally Focused: Mineral Imbalances & ADHD (Part 1: Zinc Deficiency & Copper Excess)

How to Supplement with Vitamin D & Melatonin after Melanoma

Is it Adrenal Fatigue? Reassessing the Nomenclature of HPA Axis Dysfunction.

Your Checklist for Partnering with a Quality Lab

How Exercise Can Turn the Tide in ADHD

A Dynamic Duo: When to Test Neurotransmitters with Sex Hormones

Herbal Remedies for Sleep Disturbances & the Nervous System

How to Convert Patients to BHRT from Conventional Therapies

Does Following a Gluten-Free, Vegetarian or Vegan Diet Result in Increased Heavy Metals Intake?

Webinar Review: The Nuts & Bolts of Neurotransmitter Testing

How to Address Low Libido in Peri-Menopausal Patients

Endocrine Disruptors: What They Are & How To Avoid Them

The Distinction Between DHEA and DHEA-S & Why Both Are Important For a Healthy Brain

5 Steps to a Healthier Brain in 2017

How Stress Caused My Cancer

Looking Back: Popular Provider Blog Posts of 2016

Looking Back: Patient Blog Posts of 2016

Goodbye 2016! Comfort Foods for Your New Year’s Celebration

A Year of Saliva Testing in Research

Diurnal Fluctuations in Norepinephrine & Epinephrine as Part of the Healthy Stress Response

Holiday Health: The Food & Mood Connections

Lax Demolition Laws Lead to Toxic Neighborhoods. Goodbye Old House, Hello Lead Dust!

The Black Cat(echolamine)s of Halloween

The Future of Breast Cancer Treatment: Cryosurgery

Fermented Drinks – A Fun Way to Feed Your Gut Microbiome!

Do Hormonal Contraceptives Increase Risk of Depression?

Testing Urinary Neurotransmitters? Avoid the Big 5.

Childhood Cancer – Let’s Talk About It

Adaptogens: Herbs for Healthy Living

5 Tips to Being a Balanced Menopausal Mom

Marketing Tips for Your Practice - Part 3

Clinical Utility of Urinary Neurotransmitter Testing

Exercise – Good for Neurotransmitters & Your Brain

Metal Elements on a Mineral Mission to Mars

Marketing Tips for Your Practice - Part 2

ZRT Docs Share Their Favorite Healthy Eating Summer Recipes

3 Case Studies Reveal Perspectives on Mental Health And Hormones

Feel Awful at "That Time of The Month"? It's More than Just Your Hormones.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Ensuring an Accurate Dose!

3 Keys to Preventing Prostate Cancer

Testing "Low" For Lead - Why Your Child's Results May Be Misleading

Andropause: Real Men Go For Balance

Lead Poisoning - Is Your Child at Risk? (Plus 10 Need-to-Know Facts)

Menopause – Is It All In Your Head?

Wearable Fitness Trackers – 6 Ways to Motivate Patients

Are Heavy Metals in Lipstick Making Us Sick?

How Pill Contraceptives Affect Mood & Behavior

Elements Testing – Why Sample Type Matters!

Celebrating ZRT's Hormone Laboratory Professionals

Clinical Pearls on Fertility, Infertility & Hormones

Research Puts the "R" in ZRT

Marketing Tips for Your Practice

National Nutrition Month: Finding our Way Back to True Foods

Wellness in Practice for a Group of ZRT Employees

Guide for Interpreting Testing Levels for Hormone Contraceptive Users

How to Use the Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR) in Addressing Adrenal Function

7 Tips to Making Your Own Blue Zone

Book Review: The Role of Stress and the HPA Axis in Chronic Disease Management

Got SAD? Got ODD? Here's News You Can Use

High Air Levels of Arsenic & Cadmium May Be Linked to a Cancer Cluster in Portland, Oregon

New Oregon Law Allows Women to Bypass Physicians for Contraceptives

Hyperinsulinemia vs Hyperglycemia - the Story of PCOS & Obesity

How Hormones are Key to the Top 10 New Year's Resolutions

Brassicas for Healthy Hormone Holiday Feasting

New Research Shows Natural Progesterone Can Help Treat Breast Cancer (Part 2)

Determining the Functional Causes of Hypothyroid Symptoms

New Research Shows Natural Progesterone Can Help Treat Breast Cancer (Part 1)

Preventing Breast Cancer: How Hormone Balance Can Help Save Your Life

How Reference Ranges Determine a "Normal" Lab Test Result

Could Zombies Survive on Today's Brain?

Breast Cancer & Natural Hormone Therapy - A Survivor's Story

Confused About Hormone Therapy Terminology?

Channeling My Breast Cancer Experience to Create Change

Does Bioaccumulation of Toxic Elements Lead to Large Problems?

Learning the Nuts & Bolts of BHRT

Banishing the 7 Dwarves of Menopause

Of Seahorses & Menopause

Colorado Mine Spill Makes High Levels of Heavy Metals a Threat to Humans & Wildlife

Heat Waves & Hot Flashes in Perimenopause

Practitioners, Transgender Patients are Waiting for You

Collagen - A Primary Cause of Wrinkles & Aging Skin

SHBG – A Modulator to be Modulated

Book Review: A Practitioner’s Guide to Physiologic Bioidentical Hormone Balance

Understanding Selenium Supplementation

Topical Testosterone & the U-Shaped Curve

Cortisol Testing in Saliva, Blood & Urine

How to Use a Symptom Checklist to Choose a Hormone Test

Clearing up the Confusion about Reverse T3: Part 2. The Role of Reverse T3 in Thyroid Assessment

Clearing up Confusion about Reverse T3: Part 1. The Deiodinases & Thyroid Hormone Bioavailability

Pesticides, Herbicides, Chemicals, Oh My!

New Research on Vitamin D Using Dried Blood Spot Testing

The Fertility Screening Tool You May Not Know About

The Journey of a Saliva Test Tube

The Pg/E2 (Progesterone/Estradiol) Ratio

The Ultimate Hormone Balancing Guidebook Review

What is Estrogen Dominance?

Melatonin's Role in the Gut "Brain"

Navigating the Challenges of Hormone Replacement Therapy Dosing

Melatonin's Role in Sleep

The 5 W's of Menopause

Comparing Online Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment Tools

Hormones And Weight Gain - Your Questions Answered

Celebrating Black History Month - An Interview with Naturopathic Dr. Kim Tippens

Are You Among the 80% of Americans Who Experience Adrenal Fatigue?

Does Hormone Imbalance Contribute to Weight Gain?

The Phenomenon of Vitamin D

Flaws in the Iodine Loading Dose Urine Test

Give the Gift of Balance

Safer Sampling with ZRT Lab Testing Methods

Arsenic Exposure from Rice and Rice-Based Breakfast Cereals

Dr. Lani’s No-Nonsense Bone Health Guide

Breast Cancer: Prevention is the Cure

Breast Cancer - What Exactly Are We Talking About?

Controversy Surrounds an Upsurge in Thyroid Cancer Detection

The Good Menopause

A Journey Through Thyroid Cancer

Is Your 3-Legged Hormone Stool Out of Balance?

Uncovering the Truth About Sleepless Nights - Webinar Q&A

The Role of Hormones in Sleep Disturbances - Webinar Q&A

Q&A for Weight Loss Winners & Dieting Downfalls

What You Need to Know about Stress, Hormones And Weight Gain

Melatonin’s Importance Is So Much Bigger Than Sleep

The Strange Case of the Disappearing Hormone

Bromine: An Essential Element?

Breast Cancer: Fear & Preventative Double Mastectomies An Unnecessary Mix

Have Persistent Skin Problems? Think Hormones

Skin Vitality Tests Uncover the Roots of Persistent Skin Issues

Treating Patients With Hashimoto's Disease: Your Questions Answered

Surgical Menopause - A Doctor's Perspective

Men's Heart Health & Testosterone

Why Should We Care About Estrogen Metabolites?

The Hidden Truth About Hormones And Weight Gain: Your Questions Answered

Protect Against Thyroid Imbalance

Environmental Elements and Your Thyroid Health

Defeat the Enemies of Healthy Thyroid Function

How 5 Elements Can Affect Your Thyroid Hormones

The Hidden Truth About Hormones And Weight Gain: Your Top 10 Questions

Balancing Hormones Can Help Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Now You Know the Hidden Truth about Hormones And Weight Gain

Breaking News: U.S. Senate Approves Naturopathic Medicine Week

Can Metabolic Syndrome Lead to Diabetes & Heart Disease?

Physicians Get New Perspective on Patient Obesity

Long Commutes and Cortisol Levels

How Hormones Lead to Obesity

Evaluation of the Iodine Loading Test: Urine Iodine Excretion Kinetics

How to Get Enough Iodine through Your Diet

How Does Stress Level Affect Overall Risk of Getting Heart Disease?

Struggling With Infertility? What Hormones to Test.

Excessive Sweating, Athletic Performance & Iodine Deficiency

5 Tips for A Healthy & Stress Free Thanksgiving

Testosterone: Elixir or Dangerous Drug?

Natural Progesterone as a Preventive for Breast Cancer

Vitamin D and Pregnancy

Environmental Toxins & Hormone Health

Fish Oil and Heart Health

Hormones And Skin Wellness