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The Secret to Successfully Marketing Your Practice

Posted by Pattie Ptak on Friday, 03 August

Doctor and colleague planning marketing strategyI recently helped a doctor with three problems he was having in his practice:

  • First, he was not getting enough new patients in the door.
  • Second, he had recently purchased new equipment and the utilization (sales) were far less than expected.
  • Third, he recently completed a respected industry certification program, but patients were not beating down the doors to take advantage of his new expertise.

He seemed to be doing all the right things…

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Five Common Sources of Mercury Exposure

Posted by Ted Zava on Friday, 27 July

X-Ray of teeth with fillings that contain mercury

Mercury is one of the most toxic heavy metals. There are numerous natural and man-made sources of mercury, but the most concerning are the ones we are exposed to daily. Mercury is known to affect the nervous, circulatory, immune, reproductive, and digestive systems, along with organs such as the kidneys, lungs, and gastrointestinal tract. Mercury primarily targets sulfhydryl groups (sulfur) and selenium, for which it has a high affinity. Later in this blog is a list of the most common sources of mercury exposure, but before we get into that, it is important to distinguish the three different types of mercury and their common exposure routes.

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New Study Links Testosterone & Desire For Luxury Goods

Posted by Dr. Kate Placzek on Tuesday, 10 July

Man with luxurious car and outfit

Testosterone, so meaningful to a man’s behavior, is the evolutionary force behind everything intrinsically “male.”  

Historical stereotypes peg testosterone as the macho elixir of legendary magnitude – the “chest-thumping hormone of aggression.” New research, however, is beginning to tease out previously unknown subtleties of testosterone’s effects on behavior. Testosterone is non-trivial for social functioning –  increasing levels enhance generosity [1], cooperation [2], and honesty [3], thereby emphasizing that its effects in shaping male psychological makeup are infinitely more complex than previously thought.

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5 Tips to Getting Started with ZRT Testing

Posted by Dr. Alison McAllister on Friday, 06 July

ZRT kits displayed

Health care providers (HCPs) who want to get started with ZRT Laboratory need only take a few easy steps to begin using our saliva, dried blood spot and dried urine tests. Simply set up an account, order kits and then identify the patients who can benefit from hormone, neurotransmitter, heavy metal, and cardiometabolic testing. Best of all, when HCPs have questions about reports and treatment plans, they can simply call our team of clinicians for answers.  

Want more details on using ZRT? Read on to learn Dr. Alison McAllister’s 5 tips for successfully integrating ZRT testing into your practice.

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