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How to Convert Patients to BHRT from Conventional Therapies

Posted by Jim Paoletti on Thursday, 23 March

Doctor consulting with patient about BHRT

Practice Takeaway: 

I always try to taper the estrogen dose down over a period of 2-6 months depending on the individual’s difficulty with withdrawal symptoms. Once I have the patient on a lower dose (Premarin 0.3 mg or Estrace 0.25 mg every other day at the most), I will switch over to a bi-est consisting of 50% estradiol and 50% estriol.

The reason for this is, if you stop the estrogen abruptly or decrease the dose too quickly, the patient can experience severe withdrawal symptoms of estrogen deficiency. 

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Guide for Interpreting Testing Levels for Hormone Contraceptive Users

Posted by Dr. Sherry LaBeck on Friday, 11 March

Contraceptives laid out

Interpretation of hormone testing using saliva, dried blood spot, or serum can be tricky when women are using oral, patch, or other hormonal contraception methods.

The types of hormones in these contraceptives are synthetic, and although they may be close to the molecular structure of our body's own estradiol or progesterone, they are not bioidentical. While bioidentical hormones used as supplements react in the same way as our endogenous hormones to the specific antibodies used during hormone testing, non-bioidentical hormones aren’t recognized by these antibodies so they are not measured by the same test.

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Confused About Hormone Therapy Terminology?

Posted by Jim Paoletti on Friday, 16 October

Mature woman smiling outside

When a patient says that she wants “natural” hormone therapy, does the term mean the same thing to you as it does to her?

Let’s explore that question further by dissecting the terminology most commonly used by patients (and even some experts) when discussing hormone restoration therapy: “natural,” “synthetic” and “bio-identical.”

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Practitioners, Transgender Patients are Waiting for You

Posted by Dr. Alison McAllister on Friday, 07 August

Illustration of mermaid swimming to the ocean surfaceCelebrities and TV stars like Caitlyn Jenner, Laverne Cox, Jazz Jennings and Chaz Bono have helped take what was once a taboo subject and turned it into part of America’s mainstream conversation. This long-overdue discussion helps foster broader understanding and acceptance, and it also shines a light on a largely underserved area of medical need. 

Rising Beyond a Difficult Legacy

Transgender patients have suffered from a lack of properly trained physicians and pharmacists, as well as general disrespect by the medical world that has failed to recognize transgenderism as a medical condition. This has herded many patients into a world of self-treatment and buying questionable hormone replacement from internet pharmacies. 

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