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The Pg/E2 (Progesterone/Estradiol) Ratio

Posted by Dr. Alison McAllister on Tuesday, 31 March

Chalkboard with 'Pg/E2 Ratio' written outWhen sex hormones are tested in women either in saliva or blood spot, ZRT test reports give a ratio of progesterone (Pg) to estradiol (E2). The ratio is helpful in clinical practice when both E2 and Pg are within range, yet the patient continues to have symptoms. It is not expected to be normal or used clinically when either E2 and/or Pg are outside of their expected ranges or if the patient does not have clinical symptoms.

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The Ultimate Hormone Balancing Guidebook Review

Posted by Candace Burch on Sunday, 22 March holding berries

As scientific researchers, practitioners and patients bear witness to the increasing evidence of hormone dysfunction in today’s society, Dr. Cobi Slater’s Ultimate Hormone Balancing Guidebook couldn’t come at a better time.

Her premise throughout this illuminating book is that the real cause behind the plethora of symptoms plaguing modern adults of all ages can be linked to imbalances within the hormonal cascade.

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Navigating the Challenges of Hormone Replacement Therapy Dosing

Posted by Dr. Alison McAllister on Wednesday, 11 March

Woman confused by different types of medicineOver 25 million women a year worldwide will enter menopause and make a decision about hormone replacement therapy. For healthcare practitioners, what dosage and what formulation these hormones take is open to debate.

After many years of teaching and talking to practitioners, I’ve learned that: there are many strategies for approaching dosages, everyone thinks that theirs is the best, most of them work well for many patients but not all, and that we really, really need more research.

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Balancing Hormones Can Help Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Posted by Candace Burch on Monday, 28 October

breast.cancer_03_web.crop-1During National Breast Cancer Awareness month, we should all take a pause to consider our health.

As it turns out, losing weight and balancing hormones may be two of the most important actions we can take to reduce breast cancer risks in our lifetime.

And the science is on our side here. There are numerous studies in the medical literature linking hormones and lifestyle to cancers.

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