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New Oregon Law Allows Women to Bypass Physicians for Contraceptives

Posted by Dr. Sherry LaBeck on Thursday, 28 January

Pharmacist discusses birth control with womanFrom the time menses begins, to the time it ceases, a woman must make decisions that affect her fertility. Whether it's viewed as a gift, a curse or just a responsibility, a woman’s right to choose when, how and if a pregnancy occurs is a relatively new experience.

Over the last 50 years a woman's access to birth control methods, whether oral, patch, or IUD, has greatly increased. However, such a prescription usually requires a visit to a doctor along with a pelvic exam.

Oregon House Bill 2879 has changed this as of January 2016. Under the new law, women can bypass their physicians and go straight to their local pharmacist for an oral or patch contraceptive prescription.

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