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Converting Patients to BHRT from Conventional Therapies

Posted by Jim Paoletti on Thursday, 23 March


Determining dosages and managing symptoms in patients who want to covert from conventional therapies to bioidentical therapy can be one of the most difficult challenges facing the BHRT practitioner. Conventional therapies and dosages provide too much hormone, even if the manufactured product being used contains bioidentical hormone rather than a synthetic agent.

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Ensuring an Accurate Dose!

Posted by Jim Paoletti on Thursday, 07 July

scientists_deciding.jpgTestosterone replacement therapy has the potential to drastically improve quality of life of those who need it. However, many men who begin topical testosterone are given too much of the hormone. Explanations for this erroneous tendency are rooted in incorrect dosing principles that have been established on false assumptions, misconceptions, invalid conclusions and aggressive marketing instead of physiology and science.

Why are testosterone replacement standards and prescribing processes so frequently misguided? 

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