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National Nutrition Month: Finding our Way Back to True Foods

Posted by Candace Burch on Friday, 18 March

Mother and daughter prepare nutritional snack

Every year in March, National Nutrition Month focuses our attention on how and what we eat, exhorting us with awareness-raising campaign slogans to "bite into a healthy lifestyle," or as in this year’s theme, to "savor the flavor of eating right." Appealing and important as the messaging is, it does beg the question that what tastes good to us, may not necessarily be good for us.

Too many of the flavors we savor are artificial and too many of the foods we have become accustomed (or addicted) to are loaded with hidden sugars and additives. Add to that the over processed, hormone-fed, genetically modified "fake foods" that have infiltrated our food supply, and one can argue that the standard American diet has lost its power to nourish us.

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Comparing Online Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment Tools

Posted by Margaret Groves on Friday, 27 February

Doctor checking patient's heart health

We’ve been hearing a lot about heart disease over the past few weeks as awareness of risk factors is actively promoted during American Heart Month in February. 

There are several risk factor assessment tools available online. While some basic information is common to all of them, there are differences in the factors included in the assessment, sometimes resulting in a different assessed risk value.

Let’s take a look at the current guidelines, and compare some of the online risk assessment tools.

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Men's Heart Health & Testosterone

Posted by Dr. Alison McAllister on Thursday, 20 February

testosterone man

Men and testosterone therapy have been a hot topic in the news recently.

Stories are filled with cautions about the use of testosterone therapy in men causing heart attacks and leading many doctors to question testosterone supplementation.

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Can Metabolic Syndrome Lead to Diabetes & Heart Disease?

Posted by Candace Burch on Thursday, 03 October

b2ap3_thumbnail_All-the-Purple-Ladies.jpgLast week we discussed how shifting hormone levels can lead to fat storage. This week we continue the discussion on the link between hormones and weight gain.

Chances are that many of your patients have never heard of insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome. And yet this cluster of conditions and symptoms has become synonymous in the medical literature with dramatically higher risks for diabetes and heart disease.

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