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Hormonal Contraceptives – Do They Increase Risk of Depression?

Posted by Margaret Groves on Saturday, 08 October


There have been some articles going around the medical news reporting on a new Danish study [1] suggesting that hormonal contraception might increase risk of depression, and that previous studies may not have highlighted this link because they did not include women who stopped taking their birth control as a result of depressive symptoms. This study got around that problem by including in their survey women who had been using birth control at any time during the previous 6 months. So what is the fuss all about?

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3 Case Studies Reveal Perspectives on Mental Health & Hormones

Posted by Candace Burch on Thursday, 21 July


An eye-opening discussion and review of mental health case histories with Alyssa Burns-Hill, PhD in the webinar Perspectives on Mental Health & Hormones takes practitioners through the hormone looking glass for a deeper understanding of depression and mental illness. 

From Burns-Hill's perspective, mental health is not just the preserve of mental health professionals, but a global health problem that all specialists – from family practitioners and psychiatrists, to neurologists and social workers – ought to be concerned about.

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