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Can Metabolic Syndrome Lead to Diabetes & Heart Disease?

Posted by Candace Burch on Thursday, 03 October

b2ap3_thumbnail_All-the-Purple-Ladies.jpgLast week we discussed how shifting hormone levels can lead to fat storage. This week we continue the discussion on the link between hormones and weight gain.

Chances are that many of your patients have never heard of insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome. And yet this cluster of conditions and symptoms has become synonymous in the medical literature with dramatically higher risks for diabetes and heart disease.

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Testosterone and Diabetes

Posted by Dr. Sanjay Kapur on Wednesday, 16 February

ThinkstockPhotos-200180050-001.jpgLow testosterone has been shown to cause conditions like insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and central obesity, which further lead to problems like type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Research studies have shown a link between low levels of testosterone and abnormal lipid levels, increased inflammation, high blood pressure etc.

However, it is still not quite clear what comes it that low testosterone levels cause type 2 diabetes, or is it that type 2 diabetes result in testosterone level drop? What is the connection between testosterone and diabetes? 

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