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Is Your 3-Legged Stool Out of Balance?

Posted by Candace Burch on Tuesday, 02 September

threeleggedstoolOf the dozen organs in the endocrine system, there are three that rule when it comes to maintaining hormonal and metabolic health. The BIG 3 are the thyroid, the adrenals and the sex glands (ovaries and testes). Much like the symphony of sound an orchestra creates when every instrument is played in tune, so too must these glands work in harmony to keep body systems in balance and humming along.

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Fear, Breast Cancer & Preventative Double Mastectomies: An Unnecessary Mix

Posted by Dr. Allison Smith on Thursday, 29 May

b2ap3_thumbnail_86492411_20140529-171654_1.jpgThe recent news about a study regarding women who get mastectomies to prevent breast cancer is stunning.  

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Get Ready to Change the Way You Think About Urine

Posted by Margaret Groves on Wednesday, 05 February

The most important way for the body to get rid of waste products generated by cellular processes is via the urine. It's an efficient way to flush away (literally!) everything that is no longer needed and could be harmful if allowed to build up.

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