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How a Symptom Checklist Can Help You Determine a Hormone Testing Method

Posted by Dr. Sherry LaBeck on Tuesday, 12 May

ThinkstockPhotos-495589925Are you ever confused about where to begin when trying to balance your patient’s hormones? Symptoms of hormonal imbalance can often be challenging to assess. Is your patient exhibiting signs of estrogen dominance because her estrogen is too high or is it due to the progesterone being too low? Is his fatigue because he’s not making enough testosterone or that his adrenal glands are working over-time? Are her imbalanced sex steroids the cause of her depression or is it the low thyroid hormone?

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Breaking News: U.S. Senate Approves Naturopathic Medicine Week

Posted by Dr. Julie Verfurth on Friday, 04 October

For the first time ever, naturopathic medicine gets a legislative boost with its own celebratory week. 

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