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ZRT’s Favorite Healthy Eating Summer Recipes

Posted by Dr. Sherry LaBeck on Tuesday, 03 July

Healthy Mexican dip and chips

Hello summer! The ZRT docs and staff have compiled some tasty recipes to include for your family picnics or impromptu gatherings with friends.  From a refreshing herbal beverage and a cool creamy soup to a zesty, peppery corn dip and tangy, nutty quinoa salad, the foods that make up summer fare can be simple to prepare as well as delicious. The addition of spicy, savory grilled chicken thighs boosts the protein up a notch. Then top these off with a delectable mini muffin containing nut butter and chocolate chips! What more could you want? Fruit sorbet, of course! Enjoy!!

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Heart Healthy Holiday Recipes for Your Valentine

Posted by ZRT Laboratory on Wednesday, 14 February

Fish fillet and asparagus on a plate

If you need one more recipe idea to put the finishing touches on your special valentine's dinner celebration, or just want a few extra healthy recipes to try, the ZRT marketing team has put together a short list of options that will make your loved one's heart happy.


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Healthy & Hearty Holiday Feasting

Posted by ZRT Laboratory on Tuesday, 21 November

Healthy food on a plate

As the days grow shorter, the weather colder (for most anyway) and we turn our sights to indoor activities for the holidays, many of us inevitably start thinking more about comfort foods.

This is the right time of year for festive feasting, but that doesn’t always have to mean heavy, unhealthy meals.

Here are a few suggestions from our docs for holiday foods that don’t have to weigh you down.

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Goodbye 2016! Comfort Foods for Your New Year’s Celebration

Posted by Dr. Kate Placzek on Friday, 30 December

Family eating and talking around a dinner table celebrating New Years

When you think of comfort foods, what comes to mind? 

For me, it’s all about the firsts of the season. Sitting on the floor by the fireplace with its warmth permeating the room, it’s that first sip of eggnog – yes, the real stuff made from scratch. It’s the time when my house fills with the sweetness of a baking apple pie for the first time in many months. It’s also about the unending damp drizzle of Pacific Northwest winters and the haven of dry comfort on the inside enveloping my family and friends with a sense of belonging, connection and gratitude.

The Clinical Consultants group at ZRT hopes you enjoy these comfort food recipes and wishes you a Happy New Year!

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