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Protect Against Thyroid Imbalance

Posted by Candace Burch on Thursday, 30 January

Woman with hands on her neckAs January's Thyroid Awareness Month winds down, now is the time to practice all we've learned about the care and feeding of our master of metabolism. In Part I of our last blog post, we zeroed in on the enemies of a healthy thyroid. In Part II, we will help you fend them off to protect the health of your thyroid gland with the following key action steps.

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Environmental Elements and Your Thyroid Health

Posted by ZRT Laboratory on Monday, 20 January

Women checking her thyroidEnvironmental pollutants are in the air we breathe, water we drink and bathe in, and food we eat. In excess, they can have profound negative effects on the basic mechanisms of body chemistry and affect the synthesis and actions of hormones essential for maintaining our health.

The thyroid, which is primarily responsible for regulating metabolism, is profoundly affected by natural and environmental pollutants.

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Defeat the Enemies of Healthy Thyroid Function

Posted by Candace Burch on Wednesday, 15 January

ThinkstockPhotos-840514756_lores.jpgThe average person who can't lose weight - despite eating right and exercising - is generally frustrated and frankly stumped.

For many, diet and exercise have always proven effective, and yet now - for some reason - they don't. Sometimes just a little. Sometimes not at all.

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How 5 Elements Can Affect Your Thyroid Hormones

Posted by Ted Zava on Monday, 06 January

physician checking patient thyroidThe thyroid gland, while small in size, is one of the most significant endocrine glands. It's also key to how quickly the body uses energy, makes proteins and it controls how sensitive the body is to other hormones.

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