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Men's Heart Health & Testosterone

Posted by Dr. Alison McAllister on Thursday, 20 February

testosterone man

Men and testosterone therapy have been a hot topic in the news recently.

Stories are filled with cautions about the use of testosterone therapy in men causing heart attacks and leading many doctors to question testosterone supplementation.

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Testosterone: Elixir or Dangerous Drug?

Posted by Dr. David Zava on Wednesday, 19 September

ThinkstockPhotos-85447820_lores.jpgAn FDA-approved testosterone gel was shown to significantly increase risk for adverse cardiovascular, respiratory, and dermatological events in men 65 or older who had impaired mobility and increased health risks.

This is according to a recent study published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) (1) that casts a shadow on the common use of testosterone therapy in older men for boosting their energy and vitality. 

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Testosterone and Diabetes

Posted by Dr. Sanjay Kapur on Wednesday, 16 February

ThinkstockPhotos-200180050-001.jpgLow testosterone has been shown to cause conditions like insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and central obesity, which further lead to problems like type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Research studies have shown a link between low levels of testosterone and abnormal lipid levels, increased inflammation, high blood pressure etc.

However, it is still not quite clear what comes it that low testosterone levels cause type 2 diabetes, or is it that type 2 diabetes result in testosterone level drop? What is the connection between testosterone and diabetes? 

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