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New Research on Vitamin D Using Dried Blood Spot Testing

Posted by Margaret Groves on Thursday, 23 April

Woman embracing the sunshineTwo vitamin D studies were published recently, both utilizing ZRT's testing in dried blood spot.

Dried blood spot samples are well suited for research applications because they are equivalent to serum but have the advantage of ease of sample collection, shipping, and storage, which doesn’t require any refrigeration or biohazard labeling. Also, samples are easily identified by details that can simply be written on the outside flap of the collection cards, which require minimal freezer space for long-term storage of samples.

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The Phenomenon of Vitamin D

Posted by Dr. Sherry LaBeck on Monday, 12 January


Grassy field with sun risingEarly in the 20th century, research in the nutritional arena was blossoming. Scientists were swiftly realizing that the nutritional requirements to "support life, growth and reproduction" in both animals and humans were more than simply proteins, carbohydrates, fats and minerals, as commonly believed. And, all scientists working in the field knew that this missing knowledge was key to relieving a host of common afflictions.

In 1912 one scientist, Casimir Funk, isolated a substance found in the hulls of rice that cured beriberi, a nutritional disease linked to thiamine (B1) deficiency. From this revelation, he theorized that other diet-related ailments such as pellagra, scurvy and rickets could also be a consequence of deficiencies of yet unidentified substances. He further hypothesized that these substances would have the same basic property of a protein, and called them "vital amines" or "vitamines" Later this term was embraced (with the ‘e’ omitted) and became a major focus of nutritional research for the next 30 years, yielding discovery after discovery of essential nutrients.

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The Hidden Truth About Hormones And Weight Gain: Your Top 10 Questions

Posted by Candace Burch on Tuesday, 26 November

Watch_the_Webinar_weight_loss_for_newsletter_1.2015Weight management is a topic that generates a lot of questions. There are many contributing factors, and if diet and exercise haven't worked for you, there may be underlying causes to consider.

Hormone imbalance is one of them, so I've answered 10 of the most frequently asked questions that arise when patients start to think about getting tested.

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Physicians Get New Perspective on Patient Obesity

Posted by Candace Burch on Thursday, 19 September

Woman making healthy foodDo you regularly see 40-something female patients who cannot budge the belly fat no matter how hard they try? Or 50-something mid-lifers who say they never had a weight problem until they hit menopause or andropause?

If you haven’t considered testing their hormones yet, this should pique your interest. There’s a hormone connection to “unexplained weight gain” (ICD-9 783.1), and it could be the missing link to helping patients achieve their weight loss goals.

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